Friends, Family, and Barbeque!

This month of March when we start to plan outdoor activities with friends and family. We take care to prepare for this treasured time. We fill up the propane, clean the grill, choose the sides and select the perfect cuts of meat but……. What about the wine?

Here are two wines we suggest to pair with your summer barbeque:

Kenridge Classic Shiraz $75.95

A full-bodied rich, dark red wine with a spicy-berry bouquet and flavours of plum and blackberry and a bit of black pepper. This bold wine has firm tannins and guests will enjoy this red paired with juicy grilled pepper steaks, London broils or beef tenderloin. Includes premium American oak.


BODY Med-Full


Kenridge Classic Sauvignon Blanc $67.95

This wine shows light grass and tropical fruit aromas with hints of smokiness from the toasted oak and smooth flavours of gooseberries and kiwi. A superb wine with grilled pork tenderloin, goat cheese and asparagus quiche.


BODY Medium


The above pricing reflects price per kit. A Service fee will apply to in-store winecrafting

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