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Proprietor Steve Graham has a background in the culinary arts, and appreciates how a glass of wine can accentuate a meal. For this reason, Steve ensures that every batch of wine is made with loving care and attention to detail.

The use of special, natural fining ingredients leaves the wine clear, and as a result is not over filtered, thus providing a richness to the wine that rewards the taste buds.

Due to the more natural approach to wine making at Brewer’s Haven, wine made here is also healthier for you, since 75% less sulfites are used in the wine, compared to those wines purchased at the LCBO.brewers_haven (11)

Wine should be fun, and we always enjoy it when we see people bring in their family and friends to participate in the wine making process.

We even had a wedding party come in one time, roll up their sleeves and get down to the business of making their own wine! What a joyous thing to do together!

Later, we received rave reviews from the bride and groom, that their guests were truly delighted with the wine served at the reception and dinner.

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